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Strategic, Actionable Plans. Flexible Solutions.

You’ve got a business to grow. Whether you’re a start-up, or have been in business for decades, our team will meet you where you are today, and we’ll help you get to where you want to be tomorrow.  

Through our 30+ years of combined experience, we have helped companies of various sizes and dynamics overcome their challenges, make the most of their opportunities and improve their business performance. Our personable and pragmatic team can become your team – listening, learning, advising, and acting on that advice.

We look forward to doing the same for you.  


Bookkeeping doesn’t need to be overwhelming. It’s time to breathe easy.

Hiring an outsourced bookkeeping service such as ours, with controller oversight and a full-service offering, empowers you to focus on, manage and scale your business.

We have a passion for helping business owners grow the value of their companies and improve their profitability over the longterm, and we really love bookkeeping…so you don’t have to!


Jason Hope is a strategic, senior executive who will challenge your thinking, introduce new ideas and bring a fresh perspective to your company’s finances.

He takes a long-term view of the businesses he helps, and brings a clear understanding of the level of profitability of each of their products/services and market segments.

His clients range from start-ups to larger corporations in a wide variety of industries.


Combine the dynamic power of expert accounting with the innovation of informed financial forecasting and add an Excel twist. That’s our take on Pro Forma, and it’s our blueprint to calculate the life and strength of your company over the next five to ten years.

For investors, it’s a way for them to see how they will get their investment back. For the startup, it’s a lifeline to help them see the variables that will determine their growth and give them a clear path forward to achieve that growth.

It can make the difference between just having a great idea, and actually getting it off the ground.


The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 has been signed into law, and a second round of PPP stimulus has been approved. If you’re ready to apply, we are ready to accept your application now. It can help keep your business on track in the new year, regardless of whether or not you participated in the first round. If we do your application, we guarantee you will be approved.

If your business already received a PPP loan, we can set your mind at ease and assist you with navigating the complex forgiveness process. We have done a great many of these for a variety of clients in a wide range of industries, and you can have confidence that we will ensure proper governance based on your individual needs.  

Hope Financial Consulting

Interested in a PPP, but have questions? Schedule a 10-minute call with us to determine your eligibility. Please have a copy of your 2019 tax return handy.

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